Welcome to Jimi Jones Dot Com where the focus is on Personal Development and Living A More Productive Life!

On this blog I share my best advice and experiences for living a carefree life while working my passion. It’s about expanding self-knowledge and following my dream of building a digital lifestyle while helping others to live the best life possible. With each passing day we should strive to improve ourselves and quality of life, thereby becoming better people.

Whatever our goals may be it is important to know that we have the ability within us to obtain them through dedication and continual action. Nothing comes easy in life, but the rewards of our labor can be very fulfilling.

With the smart use of technology and common sense techniques we can create a lifestyle that is neither corporate nor nomadic, by working our passions and controlling our destiny.

Come join me while I continue to build my after-corporate lifestyle and share with you how living a more productive life can bring true success.

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