Building a personal brand requires a lot of time and consistency, the latter of which is a critical element to the brand’s success. Being consistent is what builds familiarity and trust in the minds of others and demonstrates that you are very serious about your business and it’s image.

By not being consistent, you may appear to be undecided or confused which leads to a loss in credibility.

Below are a few tips on consistently building your brand.

Start From Day One

The day you name your business is the day the branding begins. Think about the many ways you can get your name out there, letting people know what you and your business represent and have to offer.

Begin the process with your friends, family and others that you associate with. Allow them to help you spread your message to others who may have an interest in your product or service.

Maintain a Consistent Image

From your avatar to your site colors, there should be a consistent look. Select a smiling photo of yourself to be used as your global image and stay with it. This allows people to become accustomed to the image and brings you instant recognition on any site, anywhere on the internet. Occasional updates to this image are okay, but for the most part, frequently changing this image should be avoided.

The choice of colors used on your main site’s design theme should be carried through to any other outpost or sites you use when possible. Sites like Twitter, Friendfeed and others, where you have the ability to customize, should display a similar look as that of your main site.

Expand Your Network

In order to build your brand effectively, you will have to expand your network by appearing on networking sites, consistently. Facebook, Linkedin and your favorite forums should be regular stops where you participate and interact with others.

Develop a list of blogs in your niche and make those a part of your routine as well. Add to the conversations on these sites and visit on a regular basis.

Use caution and avoid spreading yourself to thinly, taking on only a number of sites where you can reasonably participate in. Too many sites mean that you will not be able to make the rounds.

Consistently visit a set number of sites daily to be seen as a member of a community and a contributor.

Be Helpful

Consistently providing helpful information or advice that others can use to solve a problem or advance their efforts toward their goals positions you as an authority figure and builds trust.


Remaining consistent while building your brand is very important. Establishing a solid routine for networking and participating in other communities drives traffic back to your home site. When the visitors arrive, you provide information of value that they can use, which further establishes your brand.

This is a winning strategy for building your own community and a following of like-minded people within your niche.

Fine tune the strategy to suit your schedule, but by all means, repeat the practice as often as possible.

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5 Responses to Brand Consistency – A Key Element to Success

  1. Hi Jimi,
    I think consistency can be helped by defining what your business' values are before you start. This will make the consistency journey easier and as you grow will make it easier to communicate what you stand for to your team and clients.


  2. Jimi Jones says:

    Hi Adrian,
    you make a very good point and I agree, reinforcing those values that were established early on does make it easier. It's also critically important that the team members all be on the same page, although I have seen occasions when this was not evident.

  3. matthewneedham says:

    Very sound advice Jimmy. I think forums are often overlooked. One of my best friends makes a lot of money from giving advice on forums. Recommending products which they buy from him.

  4. Jimi Jones says:

    Hey Matthew.
    That's an interesting take on the forums and yes, they are overlooked a good deal of the time. I'm starting to spend more time in forums myself, lots of valuable information and opportunities to network and expand your presence.

    Many forums don't allow the posting of affiliate links and such, so it appears to be a matter of selecting the right ones.

    Thanks for visiting, man.

  5. I really like your thoughts on consistency, Jimi. Start early by determining how you would like people to see your company. Use imagery and techniques that support how you want to be known. Enlist others to help spread your message. Become the image by being helpful and providing great service. Most importantly, make sure all of this is done day in and day out.
    Brad Harmon @ Big Feet Marketing´s last blog post ..How Do You Respond When Your Small Business is Attacked Online

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