In the first post of this series on productivity we talked about developing the right mindset and getting things done. A large part of getting things done is having time to do something in the first place. We have to become very good time managers.

One of the best ways of becoming a more proficient time manager is to set some deadlines. Without those deadlines the time for getting things done is left open, contributing to a procrastination mindset.

Avoiding trouble sounds so simple but we all know how easy it is to get distracted.

So what should we do?

Set Realistic Deadlines

Have you ever established a deadline that was unnecessarily short, placing undue stress and pressure upon yourself to get things done?

This is a situation to be avoided as it really makes no sense. You may have set the deadline as a motivator, but the opposite effect is more likely to occur.

Being productive does not mean we should take on too much and run ourselves into the ground. Start slow and work up to a comfortable pace. It’s important to feel a sense of accomplishment, particularly early on while transitioning to the new you. :-)

If you feel you need 3 days to complete a task then schedule the 3 days, don’t cut yourself short.

In my drive to be helpful and get things done I’ve taken on things I should not have and regretted I ever did. I soon learned to evaluate my own situation before making commitments. You always want to help others, but there are times when you are simply overwhelmed and unable to do so.

Why Deadlines Are Important

First of all, let’s recognize the fact that a deadline is simply a means of budgeting your time and since time is limited, we have to spend it wisely.

Without establishing deadlines we could just put things off forever, accomplishing very little in life. It’s plain and simple; no deadline, no real incentive to get things done.

Many years ago I would not have thought this way, but now I strongly believe that being deadline driven is a good thing. It may sound like a pressurized existence but remember, as an entrepreneur you will set a pace that you are comfortable with.

Other Benefits of Deadlines

1. Provides a schedule for being productive.

2. Increases your work ethic and discipline.

3. Continuously moves you closer to your goals.

4. Provides a tremendous sense of accomplishment.

5. Keeps procrastination out of your life.

6. Prevents an overloaded work schedule.

As you can see setting deadlines brings quite a few positive results to your efforts.

There are other benefits as well but also pitfalls and traps. We will cover some of those downside issues in the next post of this Productivity Series.

Have you been setting deadlines to advance your progress toward your ultimate goals?

What results can you share about your experience?

Stay Productive!

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5 Responses to Productivity – The Importance of Setting Deadlines

  1. Kevin Tea says:

    Not sure if you would agree with me but I tend to feel that deadlines are not written in stone, they are marker points in the future that provide a focus, little flashing beacons that enable us to navigate through the host of conflicting demands.

  2. Patty Reiser says:

    One thing that helps me stick to deadlines is to have an Accountability Partner. Letting them know my deadline motivates me to get it done and not procrastinate. Because I don’t want to disappoint someone else.

  3. Jimi Jones says:

    The idea of having someone to keep you on track is a good one. Definitely a motivator, as you’ve said. You see this quite a bit with people who exercise, they support one another so everyone benefits by staying involved.

  4. Jimi Jones says:

    I agree completely. There are times when adjustments will have to be made but even then, you still have something with structure to focus on. Unwritten goals with no deadlines usually end up on the wish list.

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