Welcome to the Sunday Seven Series where we’ve rolled into week 10.

As always, I share some of the interesting post I come across during my weekly travels.

How many hours weekly do you dedicate to networking and commenting activities?

If the answer is none or anything close to that you’ll need to schedule some time to get out there and build some relationships. I realize this can be difficult for some, with everything else that’s going on in your life, but it really is that important.

Let’s move on.

As a continuing service for bloggers in search of employment, you are encouraged to check the job board at Jobs.Problogger.Net. There are quite a few postings during the week so frequent checks may be to your advantage. I’ve noticed an uptick in the number of jobs appearing here.

This Week’s Selections

Most Popular Photography Tips, Tricks, and Hacks of 2010

Have a little extra fun with your holiday photos with this post by Adam Dachis

Popular Blogs to Generate Comment Traffic

Rick LaPoint had a great idea and created this collection of blogs and bloggers.

You may find this useful for expanding your network, as mentioned above. Lots of friendly and helpful folks listed.

The Secrets of Successful Logos

How Twitter, Digital Chocolate and SmugMug symbolized their brands.

A nice post by Kara Ohngren, providing a look at how 3 logos came to be what they represent today.

Jeremiah Owyang shares his slides on;

Social Business Forecast: 2011 The Year of Integration

Some insightful information and well worth the read.

Minimalism: The Turning Point in Mankind, Community, & Life

Interesting post by David Damron that makes you think about how we are living in today’s society where more is better is often the mindset. But is that really true?

10 Secrets of the Happiest People In the World

This post by Sibyl Chavis really highlights many of the characteristics and traits of successful people.

David Allen talks about avoiding burnout

David is featured on MSNBC in this 5 minute video.

Okay, I realize your time is short and the weekend’s half over so that will do it for this week’s edition. Get yourself a little quiet reading time in before the grind starts over.

Do visit the blogs of these hard working individuals and make some new friends, build some relationships.

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Stay Productive!

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7 Responses to The Sunday Seven Weekly

  1. Tristan says:

    Another great roundup post, Jimi! And again as usual, there are a couple here that I’ve read and others that I’m off to read right now. Cheers!
    Tristan´s last blog post ..7 Major Lessons in Blog Advertising from Technorati’s Top 20 Blogs

  2. Jimi: Thanks for including the alternaview and I really like this list you have here. I already checked out some of the links and am definitely going to explore some of your other recommendations. It is a great well rounded list and includes some really great topics. Thanks for the list and thanks again for including the alternaview. I really do appreciate it.

  3. Hi Jimi,

    Thank you for linking to me :-)

    Although, since that page has a link back to you, in a way, that means you’re actually linking back to yourself…

    OK. Now this is just getting creepy…


    Rick LaPoint @ Internet Marketing´s last blog post ..Popular Blogs to Generate Comment Traffic

  4. Great list of links, Jimi. I have seen a couple, but the rest are new and fresh. Off to check a couple out in a moment!
    Steve@Lifestyle Design´s last blog post ..Is THAT The Best You Can Do

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