After a busy week working on niches sites and other projects, it’s a welcome change of pace to be creating this edition of the Sunday Seven Series. Wow, this is the 21st week and it hardly seems like it to me. Time flies when you’re having fun, as they say. :-)

Last week’s edition was created in New York and I really had a great time on that road trip. Traveling is always fun.

Coming up this week is the much anticipated release of the iPad 2 on March 2nd, although Apple has released few details about the features. There has been a good deal of speculation about the features but I’ll not pile on here, we’ll just see what shakes out in a couple of days. One thing to consider though, if you would like to get in the tablet computer game (and who doesn’t?) look for a price drop on the original iPad. Okay, let’s get on to this week’s assortment of posts.

Can’t Find a Job? Create Your Own

This post by Leo Babauta talks about finding your passion, funding and having the strength to create your own path forward.

How to Recognize Excuses and Creatively Solve Roadblocks to Your Dreams

Wonderful post by Jennifer Garza where she points out that there are really no good excuses, only ones we invent for convenience. I could not agree more. :-)

3 Minute Energy Boosting Breath and Posture Exercise

Amber Zuckswert, a Pilates Instructor, shares her 3 minute energy booster. It’s a part of a series of videos.

7 Deadly Web Design Sins

Christine Lagorio and Eric Markowitz provide this look at some web design no nos.

How to Save on Gas as Prices at the Pump Rise

Aaron Crowe provides this helpful post on ways to save at the pump.

With the madness going on in Libya, it provided yet another excuse to raise the prices on gasoline, putting the pinch on the end users as always. I’ve always been puzzled by the speed of these price increases since most stations are still pumping gas already paid for. It’s price gouging at it’s best. Shhh, don’t tell anyone, we’re all suppose to be uninformed about this.

What’s your view on compassion?

Has it been watered down or morphed into something we no longer recognize?

Check out this video (15:52) by Krista Tippett.

Reconnecting With Compassion

This week’s podcast (32:16) is an interview of Joanna Penn of The Creative Penn.

Topics covered: Blogging mentors, network building, fiction writing and how she actually got started, to name a few.

Click the link below for

An inteview with Joanna Penn, conducted by Srinivas Rao

Please visit the sites of the individuals above and spread a little luv. :-)

Have a super week ahead and Stay Productive!

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8 Responses to The Sunday Seven Weekly

  1. Hi Jimi

    Wow you have been busy this week! Thanks for still having the time to give us some great reads. I haven’t visited any of these posts so some more good blogs to visit. Appreciated Jimi and hope the niche site building is going well. I’m just about to start some myself.

    Patricia Perth Australia
    Patricia@lavender-oil´s last blog post ..Create Impact- Not Traffic Spikes

    • Jimi Jones says:

      Hi Patricia.

      Twas a busy week for sure, and there are many more to follow. But I’m excited about the things I am working on and that’s what matters most. Like many others, my plan is to make 2011 an impact year.

      Thanks for coming by and I hope your niche building efforts go well also. I know you’re always keeping yourself busy, and that is a good thing.

      See you out there!
      Jimi Jones´s last blog post ..How to Improve Your Creativity

  2. Another fantastic round up Jimi. I read the post from Zen Habits and can definitely recommend it, and the lesson it tells. If you are currently unemployed, split your time between looking for a new one and creating your own.
    Robert Dempsey´s last blog post ..Is Social Media A Waste Of Your Time

  3. Brankica says:

    Hey Jimi,
    interesting list. I must say that the title that already got the click and waiting in another tab to be read is the 7 deadly web design sins.

    And since hubby paying for gas, I am not worried about the prices :)

    Wish you a great week :)
    Brankica´s last blog post ..Wanna play a game The contest is ON

  4. Hey there my brother from another mother! I have been meaning to post here for sometime and say hello and that I enjoy what your doing.

    JJ Epic Self? brilliant recommend sir :)
    Darren Scott Monroe´s last blog post ..My Brutally Honest Review of Profits Theme

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