As the Winter season wanes here in the Eastern U S, I am reminded of how nice it will be to get back to more outdoor activities and enjoying the beauties of Spring which will soon arrive. It’s been an interesting Winter, to say the least, but in this part of the world where the season’s change about every 100 days, there is always something fresh and inviting to look forward to.

The blogosphere is similar, continual changes and something to look forward to always.

Let’s move on to some of the sites I have selected for this week’s Sunday Seven edition. I spent most of the week working behind the scenes and therefore made fewer rounds than normal. Nonetheless, our hard working fellow bloggers are always creating something of interest for us to read.

It’s the energy of the internet that drives us all, and one of the chief reasons we all love what we do. For without this passion, it would be a tough road living a life online.

First up we have another twenty-something blogger by the name of Monique Johnson.

She’s no ordinary twenty-something, this lady has that get-up-and go spirit. I like that. :-)

I reached into her archives and pulled out this nice post, which delivers a dead-on message.

Get Rid of Your Oars!


Gary Vaynerchuk has a new book out, “The Thank You Economy” and Chris provides the first review of the book that I have seen. It’s a short review which provides some good insights. Plus I value Chris’ opinion, and you may as well.

The Mindset Of A Successful Blogger: Do You Have It?

This is a really fine post by Adam Paudyal, now a contributor at Famous Bloggers. Adam has covered all the bases in this one. :-)


What Really Scares Entrepreneurs?

This post by Christine Lagorio is an interesting read.

The biggest risk takers often do get the biggest reward, as you’ll see in a Forbes slideshow and Google takes a little heat over it’s app security.

Kind Over Matter is a site created by Amanda Oaks and I came across this guest post by the ever creative Mars Dorian who tells a really inspiring story. Check out…

How One Act of Kindness Changed My World

Want to know more about generating traffic and other blogging goodies? My man DiTesco provides a great roundup of posts in his Speedlink Weekly.

SpeedLink Weekly V8/2011 – Video SEO, Traffic Generation, Social Media

This week’s video talk is from one of my favorite sites ( is by Lisa Gansky.

Lisa Gansky: The future of business is the “mesh”

It’s a short 14:48, enjoy!

Have a great week and Stay Productive!

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4 Responses to The Sunday Seven Weekly

  1. Hi Jimi thanks for another great roundup. I purchased a copy of Gary V’s new book and am getting ready to read it. Looking forward to another great one. Thanks for sharing the video too – I’m going to watch that now.
    Robert Dempsey´s last blog post ..The War On Affiliate Marketing Is On – Be Ready

  2. Jimi Jones says:

    Thanks for visiting, Robert.

    I haven’t gotten a copy of Gary V’s book yet, but plan to grab one soon. I’ll actually have time to read it in the near future, :-)

    Hope you enjoyed the video.
    Jimi Jones´s last blog post ..How to Find Fulfillment in Life

  3. bbrian017 says:

    Hi Jimi, thanks for taking the time and posting the list. I don’t know where you manage to get all the time to read thees, post about them and social media market the way you do. I don’t know how many of these I will get to read but I do appreciate you putting the list together for us.
    bbrian017´s last blog post ..It’s nothing unique- It’s called hard work

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