This is the 25th edition of the Sunday Seven Weekly,  a project I’ve seen as an opportunity to share some of the fine work I come across in my internet travels, and to recognize many of the creators of that work.

Before hitting the publish button on that first edition I wrote down a goal to evaluate this series in 6 months. Having reached that milestone, I have made my evaluation and taken into consideration many factors, not the least of which is time.

For good, bad or indifference, I hereby announce that next week’s edition will be the final in this series of roundups. I won’t bore you with the many things that went into this decision, but let me simply say that I am rolling out a new project very shortly and timing could not be better.

While I have completely enjoyed producing this series and interacting with the many people who are a part of it, I am more than certain that my new project will be at least as much fun. You can look for an announcement on that in the very near future. :-)

So, without further delay let’s move on to this week’s highlighted stops.

5 Ways Retailers Are Winning Big With Facebook Commerce

In found this article quite interesting, gave me some ideas and you may generate a few as well.

What 100 Million LinkedIn Users Means to Your Business

LinkedIn has grown big time, and if you’re not cultivating a profile there you’re falling behind. They were at the 85 million member mark in October 2010 and have now added 15 million more? That’s awesome growth and a unlimited potential for opportunities and exposure.

8 Creative Way Posterous Can Bring People Together

This post by Arik Hansen was quite enlightening to me, seeing how I was unaware of Posterous Groups.  Perhaps this can help you with a project or make you a star at your corporate gig. :-)

Building a Happier Life

Ahh, this post goes right to the heart of what I’ve been talking about lately. Getting rid of the dead weight and how it interacts with many other elements of your life.


How to Make Your Videos Look More Professional

This video (8:21) shows a very simple and inexpensive “Studio” setup for recording pro quality video. Great tip by Gideo Shalwick!

How to Be Successful Online When You’re Only Blogging Part-Time

In this podcast (14:08) Sid Savara interviews Ali Luke and Thursday Bram who share how they got started and where they are now, among other tips and inspiration.

Lastly, we all know how tough it is to make it in business on or off line. It takes courage and a certain daring spirit. But in today’s world we have technology to help us along, we simply need to be bold enough to want to succeed.

As you’ll see in this video (14:34) from my favorite vault,, stuntman Steve Truglia takes these bold and couragous moves for a living. This is a pretty facinating and entertaining piece that I thought you’d enjoy.

Until next post, my peeps. :-)

Stay Productive!

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7 Responses to The Sunday Seven Weekly

  1. Another great Sunday Seven – I’m sorry to see it go. However I’m very excited to see this project you’re launching soon, and it’s great to see the prioritization. Good luck with the project Jimi!
    Robert Dempsey´s last blog post ..Did I Just Slap A Panda Why Article Marketing Might Still Work

  2. Jimi,

    I am sorry to see the weekly selections go…but it is exciting that you will be having something new in its place. I look forward to hearing more about the new projects. Hard to believe it has been six months already. It seems like just yesterday.
    Steve@Internet Lifestyle´s last blog post ..How to Complete your eBook Masterpiece – Even if you HATE Writing

  3. Take my heartiest congratulations on the completion of 25 posts of this post series, The Sunday Seven Weekly. Hope to read more in coming weeks.
    I learned many things about Blogging and SEO here.
    nazimwarriach´s last blog post ..4inkjets Coupon Code

  4. Hi Jimi, I’ve seen quite a few bloggers do the round-ups for a while and then quit for various reasons. I’ve only done 11, and I’ve found that once a month seems to work the best for me, but I may stop myself one day. I look forward to your next fun project!

    These look like some very cool links. :) I am a big fan of TED videos, and I’ve been wondering what to do with LinkedIn, so I will check those out first.
    Jennifer Barry´s last blog post ..A Brand New Role- Part 2

    • Jimi Jones says:

      Hi Jen. Good to see you.

      Yeah, the time has come to close out the series and move on to the next project, which is already in progress. I committed to a 6-month run then see where things were. Looking forward now. :-)

      You’ve adopted a monthly schedule which seems to fit well. Keep up the good work.
      Jimi Jones´s last blog post ..7 Ways to Create Enthusiasm

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