Welcome to Week 8 of the Sunday Seven Series. It was a fairly short week with the Thanksgiving Holiday here in the U S. Most are now gearing up for the fast approaching Christmas Holiday. Man, where has the year gone?

In any case, I always find time to visit many blogs during the course of the week and I love sharing some of my journey with you.

New visitors should note that these selections are not rated or placed in any particular order, they appear because they stood out for me and I feel that others will and should enjoy them as well.

Let’s begin with the job board at Problogger.

This is a wonderful service being offered and if you’re looking for a blog related gig, or know of someone who is, be sure to check this often. Lots of opportunities for writers, Freelancers and Designers. Bookmark the board at Jobs.ProBlogger.net.

50 Things I Didn’t Know About Starting A Mailing List (But Do Now After Studying Others)

Thu Nguyen offers these great tips about mailing lists.

Why Relationships Matter

Farnoosh Brock shares here thoughts on relationships and why they matter. This is one of the beautiful benefits of blogging, the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people and create lasting friendships.

100 Marketers You MUST Follow on Twitter

Mark Thompson assembled this great post and if you plan to do Internet Marketing, follow this advice.

The 10 Practical Lessons I Learnt From My Social Media Strategy

Gabriele Maidecchi, says “Social media isn’t just a necessary business thing nowadays. There’s much talk about the benefits it can give to your company and to you as a person in general, but…

Read More

The Poor Man’s Complete Guide to Outsourcing an Entire Freaking Blog

My man Tristan Higbee shares some of his outsourcing experiences. Be sure to read this. :-)

Happiness Is An Inside Job

I came across this wonderful piece by Sandra Lee. It’s the 4th part of a series and I recommend you check it out in it’s entirety. Here are Parts 1,  2, and 3.


Okay, to close things out for this edition I will shamelessly point you to my guest post on my dear friend Ileane’s blog, where she serves up plenty of good advice and tutorials to help you with your blogging.

How To Discover Your Writing Voice

I do hope you enjoy the reading and hard work of those bloggers listed above. Please visit their sites and share a little luv. :-)

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Stay Productive, my friends!

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13 Responses to The Sunday Seven Weekly

  1. Tristan says:

    Jimi! Thanks for the awesome link! I’m glad you found that post useful. I had a lot of fun writing it and checking out all of those Fiverr gigs :)

    And thanks for the the links to the other articles. I’m off to read them now. Cheers!
    Tristan´s last blog post ..The Poor Man’s Complete Guide to Outsourcing an Entire Freaking Blog

  2. Hi Jimi

    I enjoy Sunday posts. So much on a Friday I get information overload lol

    You have some good choices here and I’ve read most of them but any I have missed will be over to check out soon.

    Thanks for sharing these with us Jimi. Much appreciated.

    Patricia Perth Australia
    Patricia@lavenderuses´s last blog post ..So Little Time- So Much To Do

  3. Sandra Lee says:

    Hi Jimi,

    I’m honored to be included in your Sunday Seven with this great lineup of star bloggers. Thank you. I’m glad you liked my article. Thank you so much for your kindness. I absolutely loved “Why Relationships Matter”. Now I’m off to read the others starting with your guest post. Warmest wishes to you.
    Sandra Lee´s last blog post ..Happiness Is An Inside Job

  4. Ileane says:

    Hey Jimi, fantastic list of your picks for the week. There are a few I need to check out. Tristan is brilliant so I hope he doesn’t forget us when it gets rich and famous :) I’ve visited Sandra’s blog before, but it looks like I need to get caught up.
    The guest post you did on Basic Blog Tips continues to stimulate other bloggers and the number of comments that have come in are “proof positive”.

    Have a great Sunday – somehow I have a feeling that you might just be watching some football today. :)
    Ileane´s last blog post ..November News on Basic Blog Tips

  5. Fran Aslam says:

    Hi Jimi:

    Good blog you have here, where I can come and see the highlights of the week every Sunday. Meet some bloggers that I did not know. Thanks for supporting your networking group. Awesome post with new blog presentation. I like all but I know Farnoosh, and her blog, and Sandra Lee is also awesome writer.

    All the best

    fran A
    Fran Aslam´s last blog post ..Think Again Before Planning Strategy For financial Success

  6. Thu Nguyen says:

    Hi there Jimi,

    Thanks for the feature! Really grateful for having me along with these awesome folks. I’m always honored when a blogger acknowledges something I put out and have experienced! Thus, I hope you have learned a thing or few and will put them into focus. ;)

    Great reads as well and always find that these roundups are a great way to introduce new readers to what you’re interested in. Thanks! Appreciate the mention and will keep in touch!

    Talk soon,
    Thu Nguyen´s last blog post ..50 Things I Didn’t Know About Starting A Mailing List But Do Now After Studying Others

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